Thursday, January 22, 2004

Do Androids Blog with Eclectic Script?

No updates last week. Professor Tax has been researching the recent history of California state budgets and issues in the design of benefit eligibility tests.

Web writing is easy. Any fool can blog. But writing something that is worth the time and attention of an intelligent reader is not easy at all. The Professor has great admiration and respect for folks like Pacific John of Gropinator, Brad DeLong, Billmon and Steve Gilliard who are capable of cranking out intelligent essays on current events on a daily or even hourly basis. Where do they get those extra 25 hours in the day?

So many interesting frauds, from Ponzi schemes to Parmalat, are in the news these days that one almost regrets having to give renewed attention to California’s celebrity Governor. Yet the collision between the synthetic charisma of the Hollywood star and the rational administration of state finances is a continuing drama. Credible reports quote Todd Harris, the spokesman for the Gröpenleader’s $15 billion bailout bond campaign, as saying they will promote "Arnold Schwarzenegger's image as a truth-teller, as someone they trust".

Let’s play that back. “Image as a truth-teller” – what a wonderfully surreal phrase. To seem – to appear - to tell the truth. Lights! Action! Stuntman! In Gov. Gröpenegger’s California, politics is just another special effects camera trick. Here, appearance and reality fuse together into an indistinguishable blur. If only Philip K. Dick were still alive – there should be a great SciFi tale somewhere in all this.

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