Monday, January 10, 2005

Sneak Preview 

It’s every movie star’s nightmare. That last picture was a fantastic comeback, a box office hit, but the picture you’re shooting now is shaping up to be an absolute stinkeroo, and as star, producer and director, you’re stuck with it. Oh, sure, you’ve had your ups and downs. There were those Raw Deals that had critics saying it would be the End of Days for you, but Man, you kept on Running. You came back, again and again, your innate talent a perfect fit for the starring role as a loveable expressionless robot. You can Totally Recall all the praise, and you still remember the sting of Collateral Damage. But now – this – it's almost unbearable. You’re caught, trapped right in the middle of the Last Remake of Battlefield Earth. You feel the mask of celebrity being stripped away. It's Oscar night, and you’re on the stage, completely naked, with millions watching you accept the John Revolta award for Worst Picture. You can hear them all laughing, laughing at you, at your failure. You wake up screaming --

And you realize that this is the Big Day, the Day when, as Governor, you will present your new budget to the adoring voters of California.

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